Trailer | New Queer Visions: Lust In Translation

A compilation of short films exploring first love, revenge, new beginnings and more are unwrapped in the first of this exciting series of compilations, programmed by the New Queer Visions Film Festival strand. SHIMI dir. Kate Maveau (Belgium): Keely is a lonely 16 year old teenager under the thumb of Sarah, a girl from her […]

How We Queer It Up!

As some of y’all may know, To Queer Things Up was on the road this year going from conference to conference and we thought it would be cool to show you what we are all about when we bring the virtual community we’re building to physical spaces! Check out To Queer Things Up: Addressing the […]

Queer – Zaneta’s Definition

“Queer has a deep history of being derogatory and even today it can still be derogatory, right. There’s a difference between saying I’m a part of the queer community and me walking down the street and being called a queer. Those two things mean something very different and in fact those are the things we […]

Queer – Natasha’s Defintion

“I have come to understand that I should be respected for being queer. That I shouldn’t be questioned and told that I should have to decide whether I’m lesbian, whether I’m straight or whether I’m bisexual. I shouldn’t have to restate queerness in a way in which you understand it. It should just be understood.”- […]

Trailer | Girl on Girl: An Original Documentary

Trailer | Girl on Girl: An Original Documentary – Unlike any documentary film to date, Girl on Girl focuses its lens on the lives of feminine lesbians, and invites the audience to discover what life is like for women whose identity is incessantly trivialized and stigmatized, both outside of and within queer spaces. Girl on […]

Short Film |Citizen Jane

Canadian Forces Base, 1987, Private Jane Cross is quickly noticed during her training by Master Corporal Maryann Kirk, and for more than her skills on the battlefield. Meanwhile the military police wage a secret war on homosexuals, spying on soldiers suspected of engaging in ‘immoral conduct.’ If Jane and Maryann are careful, will anyone discover them? […]

Stand Up at Work!

The Stand Up at Work is a joint campaign by BeLonG To & the Irish Congress of Trade Unions that encourages everyone in the workplace to take a stand against homophobia & transphobia. Find our more about Stand Up at Work and your employment rights on: BeLonG To – Irish Congress of Trade […]

S1:E1 | Brown Girl Problems – Curry

The Brown Girl orders a little takeout and gets more than she ordered. Starring: Fawzia Mirza & Patrick Thornton About the show: Fawzia Mirza, creator of the character Kam Kardashian, brings you a new comedic web series, ‘Brown Girl Problems’. It is a sketch-style series showcasing the comedic, awkward and even imaginary situations in the life of […]