Catch up with all of your favourite characters in their scandals, dramas, and love troubles. You think you know what’s going to happen, but you have no idea…Go there if you dare…Between Women!

About the show

Media mogul Michelle Daniel is at it again with her newest creation, Between Women TV Network. As the writer and executive producer of the critically-acclaimed short film Broken Silence, Michelle gained substantial support that became infectious towards her momentum to be one of the greatest women filmmakers of her time.

In the winter of 2011, Michelle took her talents to the next level delivering now what is considered the #1 LGBT web series perfectly titled Between Women. By episode 3 of season 1, the success seemed overnight, but it most definitely was not. Through relentless hard work and dedication, Between Women catapulted the charts with a dedicated fan base of 120K+ Youtube subscribers and millions of viewers nationwide.

Michelle’s writing style made all that watched the show fall in love with real life situations, distinctly defined, yet relatable characters and an emotional journey that sustained the yearning for more episodes week after week. Set in the diverse city of Atlanta, GA which is infused with style, culture and entrepreneurship, Between Women web series set a standard for online reality shows at a level many have yet to reach.

Michelle is expanding her brand from a web series to a full functioning television network, providing those who share the same passions of quality film work, like herself, the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

Stay Tuned.


S3:E1 | Between Women – Hunting Season

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