S1:E4 | Be Here Nowish – Viva Placenta | Nina starts hooking up with Aurora and gets fired from her job. Sam is ready for a life change after a bad incident with her boss.

Be Here Nowish is a comedy from Ora TV, by Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo about two sexually progressive New York gals who ditch their down-and-out lives for LA in search of a spiritual awakening.

SYNOPSIS: SAM (Alexandra Roxo) and NINA (Natalia Leite) make their livings in New York City as a dating consultant and drug delivery gal, respectively, barely scraping by. Though Sam consults with guys about their dating skills, her own aren’t so hot. Nina delivers prescription pills to eccentric clients, refusing to commit to anything in life, including a girlfriend.

The two become friends after an awkward meet-up and become even closer when both their lives independently start to fall apart. When Nina tells Sam about her plans to meet a highly recommended guru-shaman in Los Angeles, Sam desperately piggybacks on it in the hopes of also inspiring transformation for herself. But in Los Angeles the two are faced with a tug-of-war between their old selves and the new spiritual circle they partake of. They undergo spiritual bootcamp, have their first plant medicine ceremony, and are forever changed and faced with a different future than they’d ever dreamed of.


S1:E4 | Be Here Nowish – Viva Placenta

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