It’s 1955. Edie Chaucer returns home to take her place at the helm of The Chanticleer but finds that things are much different than when she left.

About the show: With so many queer characters, and potential love affairs afoot, The Chanticleer is a sexy, stylish trip back in time. Set in 1955, The Chanticleer is an homage to the pulpy lesbian novels of the ’50s and ’60s. After the death of her father, Edie Chaucer (Annie Paul) comes back home to upstate New York to take over his bar, and try to save it from his unsavoury legacy. When Edie hires Val (Rebeca Miller) to bartend, the temperature and tension begins to rise. Val, a young lesbian, dresses in both women’s and men’s clothing, depending on her mood, a fact that ruffles the feathers of the underground gay set who adhere to strict butch/femme dynamics and dress codes.


S1:E1 | The Chanticleer Series

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