Watch the first episode of “Femme”- A docuseries for Femmes by Femmes

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live life as a feminine identified LGBTQ woman?

Thanks to the new docuseries appropriately titled “Femme”, you’ll be able to explore the world of feminine identified women from all walks of life.

Fab Femme creator Aryka Randall took her time putting together a project that would allow femmes a platform to share their stories without being negatively portrayed by media.

“My goal was to create a space for women like myself who identify as “Femme” to share their stories without judgement or misunderstanding. It seems like whenever we see a feminine identified LGBTQ woman in media, they’re being portrayed as some straight woman who’s dating a woman for the time being. I’m sick of seeing our stories being told by men and people who don’t understand what it means to be a lesbian woman. Not every femme ends up with a man. Life isn’t some second showing of The Kids Are Alright”. It’s my job to tell our stories the RIGHT way.”

The first trailer for the Femme Docuseries accumulated more than 3,000 views and counting and was mentioned inRaynbow Affair Magazine, and on After Ellen. The series itself will air three spirit 30 minute episodes that feature two different “Femmes” who agreed to share their stories with the world. With that being said, we want you all to check out the FIRST episode of the Femme Docuseries, spread the word, and share with all your fellow femme friends!


S1:E1 | Femme – Clarissa & Joanna

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