Do I Love You takes an interesting look in to the Lesbian life and its happenings on the streets of London. Narrator Marina (Lisa Gornick) is caught in a mid-life crisis when she breaks up with her longtime girlfriend Romy (Raquel Cassidy). Once this relationship has ended, Marina takes a new route in her lifelong journey to find the meaning of any occasion she has ever embarked.

This is a beautiful story line that follows not only gay life, but also life and how to overcome obstacles and all of life’s questions that may be thrown at you in the process of just living your life.

Rent/buy this movie from KitschMix to find how Marina answers all of her seemingly impossible questions, and how she deals with her current breakup.

Director: Lisa Gornick

Running time: 73 minutes

Language: English

Genres: LGBT

Country: United Kingdom

Year: 2005


Do I Love You

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