From out lesbian actress/director Alison Reid comes this feisty, fun and fantastical comedy in which two lesbians in love become pregnant at the same time (with sperm created from one another’s stem cells) and embark on a wild adventure — with a bit of unexpected family drama as their parents respond to the news!

Featuring a pair of tremendous performances from co-stars Megan Fahlenbock and Angela Vint, The Baby Formula is a hilarious and unique movie. Amidst all the laughs The Baby Formula is as poignant and uplifting as a newborn babe (or two)!

DELUXE EDITION: This special Deluxe Edition comes with a Bonus Extra behind the scenes featurette!


The Baby Formula

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  • Hannah

    Equality is a very important key to everyone’s unity. I have my full respect to LGBTQ community. I am happy to know they have their options today in rearing a child.

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