Any Day Now – KitschMix presents ‘Any Day Now’, an inspiring film set in 1970s Los Angeles, which touches on legal and social issues that are as relevant today as they were 35 years ago.

Gay couple – singer Rudy Donatello (Tony Award winner, Alan Cumming) and ambitious lawyer Paul Fliger (Garret Dillahunt), find themselves taking in a neighbour’s mentally handicapped teenage son, Marco, when the neighbour is arrested and sent to jail for an extensive period of time.

Although, daunted by such events, the trio soon become the family all three men have hoped and dreamed of finding.

However, when the spotlight is brought upon this family, the men face the harsh words of the public eye and prejudice feelings. How will the family maintain themselves in a tough and biased court battle against the legal system who disagrees with everything the family stands for?

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Director: Travis Fine

Running time: 97 minutes

Language: English

Genres: Drama and LGBT

Country: United States

Year: 2013


Any Day Now

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